Monday, September 14, 2009

Tournament Aftermath - New Filipino Tekken 6 Champ Crowned!


September 12, 2009 (TriNoma, QC)

Philippines crowns its new Tekken 6 Champ - Jeff aka Coffee Prinz of 3'TC.

The Steve master-technician collected the most points in an unusual format pitting in a brutal round-robin race-to-5 of the top 6 players remaining from a pool of 24 branch champions.

Last year's international Champion and local champion Carlo aka Jinlo, came in a close second. From a cold start, the defending champion rallied to take 1st runner-up honors proving his Bob is still international caliber despite tune-downs made in the game, earning the admiration and respect of local players.

Rounding up the top 6 includes the south's wild-haired Lars player Hyuga Neji as 2nd runner-up, boy genius and Lars legend Akechi as 3rd runner-up, stylish and creative Alisa player Subjugator, and defensive heavyweight Bruce-player Kenkoy.

The tournament showcased complete high-level play from all participants as most of the matches in every round went the distance. Attendance of inactive top players and teammates of the contestants filled the seats of Trinoma's cinema lobby - blasting cheers and awe as the competition progressed.

The national champion will defend Philippine's international crown on October 25 at Auckland, New Zealand.


Top 6
1. Coffee Prinz (3'TC)
2. Jinlo (PMS)
3. Hyuga (EGC)
4. Akechi (SMN)
5. Subjugator (UM)
5. Kenkoy (3'TC)

2nd Round

1st Round
Don Argus
Who's Next?

Flickr Photos

World Blue

World Blue

Desktop Show and Tell #5

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Timezone Tekken 6 Branch Elimination Results!

TekkeNoypi - TZ results

First wave of finalists representing 12 locations will compete next week for the National Championships and the chance to play overseas!

Visit TekkeNoypi for the complete list. Congrats to my teammates Dax, Chris, and Oleg for appearing on their second consecutive nationals.

Nice to see most of the expected heavyweights are representing and even better to see the new ones rise.

As for me, I lost in the 2nd round at G4. Sayang, I wanted Nationals sana (but Dax went on to win it all there anyway so it's all good).

National Finals will be held at TriNoma Cinema Lobby this Saturday.

Vaio Red Desktop

Vaio Red

Desktop Show and Tell #4

Used one of the original wallpapers pre-installed for VAIO CS series. Descriptions available on my flickr account.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2009 Philippine Tekken 6 BR Tournament

The Hype returns! In what's probably the last and biggest Tekken 6 BR Tournament for the Philippines this year - 12 locations are set bring the best players for the National Tournament and determine who's defending Philippines' championship at New Zealand in October.

For more of that, check the write-up I made for SDTekken of last year's tournament.

I'm competing this year at G4 Timezone since Cash & Carry is not participating this year. There are less participating branches but more contestants have joined.

I remember last year how unorganized the store eliminations went. But thanks to the efforts of myself the support of the Filipino Community, and Timezone being fair - we had a competitive national tournament and the Philippines went in and won Internationals

Good luck to my teammates competing at other branches. I hope UM takes the cake in every branch we registered in!

See me play this Saturday (Sep. 5) 2-6PM.

Card Name: (UM)SuperMarion

P.S. UM is the acronym for University Mall (yes that one in Taft!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wilderness Desktop

Desktop Show and Tell #3

This is actually number 5. I skipped submission of the designs I used for the past 2-3 weeks.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rainmeter 1.0 Released!


Desktop Show and Tell #2

Testing the latest release of Rainmeter (1.0) and kaelri's Enigma. Also running Rainlendar. Very minimal alters.